KOKO - Buy Now Pay later - What is KOKO App and More!

KOKO - Buy Now Pay later - What is KOKO App and More!

All about KOKO App ✅ Reviews ✍ Buy now Pay later benefits & More 🔥

What is Koko?

Koko Sri Lanka is an online shopping app that allows you to buy your favorite products now and pay for them later. With Koko, you can now shop your favorite products both online and in store. Koko offers three interest-free installments to pay back over 60 days at your convenience.

Koko has partnered with many online and in store brands in Sri Lanka to bring you a wide selection of products. With Koko, now you can enjoy the luxury of an all-in-one shopping app without worrying too much about money!

Koko Loan, how does it work?

Koko is a ‘buy now pay later’ online shopping app, so just like any other ‘buy now pay later’ app, Koko also allows you to shop your favourite products now and pay for them in 3 interest-free installments.

All you have to do is download the Koko app and register. Once registration and verification is completed, you can start shopping! Once your cart is full, select ‘Koko’ as the payment method in the checkout and pay the first installment today and the rest over 60 days.

What is ‘buy now, pay later’?

Koko lets you buy now and pay later. Meaning, you will be given a credit limit or a loan based on your profile. You can pay this loan later in three installments over 60 days.

How much is the Koko Loan?

The amount credited to your account is based on the evaluation by Koko. This is determined based on many factors such as time of the day, number of purchases, purchase value and the history with Koko. Once you register and pass the verification, you will find this information in the Koko app.

The more orders you have placed and the longer you have been with Koko, it’s more likely that they’ll increase the credit limit of your account.

What is the Interest Rate?

You can shop 100% Interest free with Koko and pay back in three interest-free installments over 3 months. Late payments may be subject to an interest charge, however if you miss a payment, Koko will pause your account until you are back on track.

Is Koko legit?

Yes! Koko is a buy now pay later app incubated under Daraz and founded in Sri Lanka in 2020. You can use Koko payment app for a secure, reliable shopping experience without any worries.

How to apply for a Koko Loan?

Applying for a Koko Loan is easy. You can apply for a Koko loan to be used online or in store. Follow the below steps and start shopping now.


  1. Download the Koko App

  2. Shop your favourite products

  3. Choose Koko at checkout & pay in 3 installments

  4. Make your first Koko payment now and the rest over 60 days


  1. Shop your favourite products

  2. Scan the QR code in-store with your Koko app

  3. Tap to make your first Koko payment now and the rest over 60 days

What are the requirements for a Koko Loan?

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • A valid phone number.

  • A bank payment card issued by a bank in Sri Lanka - Visa/Mastercard/debit/credit card

  • Be a resident in Sri Lanka

How to pay Koko Installments?

You can pay your Koko interest-free installments over 60 days through the bank cards entered in the app.

What happens if I miss a  payment?

In order to make sure you pay your remaining installments on time, Koko will send you reminders through the app. However if you still miss a payment or if you’re unable to settle the payment before the due date, Koko will pause your account temporarily until you are back on track.

Koko gives each customer 2 free schedules each year to extend the payback time. For any excess reschedules, you will have to pay a fee of Rs. 500 in addition to the repayment amount. The maximum extension of the due date is up to 2 weeks.

How to increase credit limit?

If you are a frequent shopper or your purchase values are high and most importantly if you pay back the loans on time, you'll be able to increase your credit limit.

Koko Benefits

You can enjoy many benefits with Koko both online and in-store.

  • Interest free installments

  • Buy now pay later

  • Signing up is simple

  • Get exclusive deals

  • No fees when you pay on time

  • Get payment reminders

  • Enjoy shopping both in-store and online

Koko App

Koko app is easy to use and comes with many features to give you a more seamless shopping experience.

  • You can download the Koko app through the Google Play Store here
  • You can download the Koko app through the App Store here

Koko Customer Service

You can easily contact Koko through their email address support@paykoko.com or call the Koko contact number on 0117657157 from 9am to 5pm on weekdays.

Koko Reviews

Unfortunately Koko App has quite a number of negative reviews. However these negative reviews are mainly about the performance of the app. But at the same time, we see positive reviews about the performance of the app too. So it seems to be that for some users the app is working quite well, whereas for other users the app is not working well. But the interesting fact is that, there aren’t any major deal breaking reviews about the app. It’s all about the performance of the app which we believe will be fixed or updated with time.

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This article was updated on 16 june 2024