Lenily, Is it free to use? How to apply and more!

Lenily, Is it free to use? How to apply and more!

What is Lenily? ✍ How to subscribe? ✅ Benefits and More ✨

Compare various credit and loan offers online 💳 Lenily helps you to find the best personalized credit and loan offers on the market!

What is Lenily?

Lenily is a tool which allows you to compare, monitor and choose loans in Sri Lanka that match with your needs. Using internal algorithms and the applications filled by the user, Lenily automatically filters the available offers and provides you with the best loan options.

You can access Lenily after paying a membership fee and once the membership is received, you can create your own financial platform. Lenily offers you the best loan options based on your financial profile.

Lenily Loans, how does it work?

Lenily is a tool that can be used to save time and money. Lenily works as a loan comparator and provides information on loan offers that are tailored to your profile. In order to access the Lenily platform, simply visit the Lenily website and fill out the quick application form.

Take into consideration that Lenily is not a free platform, so at the end of the application you must choose one of the available payment plans.

  • Package ½: This is a 11 calendar day package and it starts on the day of payment for the Services. After this time, the period is automatically extended to another period of 11 days.

At the end of the registration process, you will have access to the Lenily platform to see information on best loan offers from different financial institutions. It is important to note that paying for a Lenily membership and accessing its platform does not guarantee that you will be able to have an approved loan.

How to apply for a loan at Lenily?

As mentioned above, Lenily does not grant loans, it is a tool that can be used to compare loans in Sri Lanka and choose the best that fits you. If you want to get the best loan offers from loan providers associated with Lenily, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Visit Lenily website on https://lenily.com/le and choose the loan amount and the payment terms.
  2. Next, create your financial profile.
  3. Choose a membership and add your bank card details to make Lenily payments.

You will have a free trial period before starting your membership. During the trial period you will be able to access loan offers that fit your profile.

How much does Lenily charge?

To use Lenily, you need to choose a membership.

Package ½:

  • Activation Fee - 0 EUR
  • Subscription Fee - 6 EUR for every 11 days

Membership payments are made through a bank card or online transfer. Payments are set to receive in Euros and this doesn’t include bank/conversion fees.

Now here’s a good deal! You will have a 7-day trial period, which you can stop whenever you want and Lenily will not continue to charge any fees.

Is Lenily safe?

Lenily is a product of the company TimeTo SP. ZO.O. with registered office in Gliwice (44-100) under number KRS: 0000673031.

Many users are confused when using a loan comparator as it does not lend money, instead helps you to choose the best loan that fits your needs. You can use Lenily for comparison and analysis of available loan options. If you do not want to get a membership and pay for this service at first, you can simply subscribe to the 7-day free trial. At the end of the trial period, Lenily will proceed to charge the membership fee through your bank card.

How to unsubscribe from Lenily?

To unsubscribe from Lenily, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Log into your Lenily account.
  2. Go to the "Your Data" section.
  3. Click on "Subscriptions".
  4. Select your membership and click "Delete".

Or simply click the link https://lenily.com/le/unsubscribe and follow the steps.

The request to cancel the subscription will be processed within 3 business days, therefore make sure you cancel your subscription before the next payment day.

Lenily Customer Service

You can contact Lenily through multiple ways. Simply click on the link https://lenily.com/le/contact and fill out the contact form.

You can also contact them through their email address info@lenily.com

Lenily Reviews

Since Lenily is new to the Sri Lankan market, we couldn’t find many reviews to analyze and draw conclusions. But we would like to hear from you and help our readers to make informed decisions.

Have you used Lenily? Tell us your experience.

Mohamed Mishar Fathima Silmiya

So happy

Sudees Sanjeewa

Demata hettige sudees sanjeewa

K.S Sudarshana



මට පුද්ගලික ණය තිබුණා


I didnt apply for the subscription but my money is deducted from you... it's unfair...

Ruwan Kumara

I applied for the loan

Vimukthi Mihiran


Nushan Dileepa

I got 5000

Sewwandi Dinushika

Man nayak sandaha ayadum kala

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This article was updated on 30 may 2024