Loanme, Is it good? Benefits, Discounts and More!

Loanme, Is it good? Benefits, Discounts and More!

All about Loanme: ✅ reviews ✍ Benefits, Discounts and More🔥 Up to 40,000 LKR!!!

What is Loanme?

Loanme is an online loan provider in Sri Lanka. Loanme offers online loans to citizens of Sri Lanka to help with any financial need. With Loanme you can get money in just 5 minutes. This is pretty fast compared to other loan providers in Sri Lanka. Loanme Sri Lanka provides you with instant loans via the loanme website or the loanme app. With loanme, applying for a loan is easy. No applications, documentation or verification needed for repeat customers. Simply log into the loanme app or website and apply for the loan.

How does Loanme work?

Just like with any other online loan provider, you can apply for a quick loan with Loanme without having to visit a physical location or branch. It’s 100% online and all you have to do is follow the steps and get money in your bank account within a few minutes. When you apply for a Loanme loan for the first time, you can get up to 15,000 LKR. Once the first loanme repayment has been done, you can apply for a higher amount next time. Loanme also has a reward programme to reward its repeat customers. We will talk about it later in another section.

In order to apply for a Loanme loan, you have to be employed for at least 3 months and have a steady income. This is to make sure that you can settle your Loanme repayment within the agreed time. If all the above conditions have been met, then you can get your loan within 5-10 minutes which is pretty fast compared to other loan providers.

How can I apply for a loan with Loanme?

To apply for an online Loanme loan, you simply need to go through five easy steps and get money to your bank account within a few seconds.

Let’s have a look at these steps:

  1. Choose the loan amount on the website.
  2. Fill in the Loanme application form
  3. Wait for approval
  4. Receive the money to your bank account.
  5. Repay your loan

Make sure you have your NIC and the bank details ready, as you will have to upload both the sides of your NIC and a selfie with it for verification. Once it’s done and your loan is approved, you will get money in your bank account within a few seconds.

How much does Loanme loan?

You can apply for a minimum loan amount of 5000 LKR and upto a maximum loan amount of 40,000 LKR. However if you’re a first time customer, the maximum loan amount will only be 15,000 LKR. The interest rate stated in the website for both first and repeat customers is 13.68% per annum. However there are added benefits such as discounts for repeat customers which we will discuss later in this reading.

The loan repayment period is 120 days and again repeat customers can request for lesser loan terms, if they have settled their previous loanme repayments on time.

Let’s see an example for a repeat loan:

  • Loan amount - 8,000 LKR
  • Loan period - 30 days
  • Interest rate per day - 13.68% (APR)
  • Loanme fees - 3,508 LKR
  • Total amount payable - 11,600 LKR

Now here's exciting news for the first time customers! You can get 50% on the fees when you apply for a loan for the first time. Now this is a deal you cannot ignore!

How to pay my Loanme loan?

Loanme offers two different repayment options, online repayment and offline repayment.

Online repayments can be done through an online bank transfer to Loanme Cargills bank account. Their bank details are stated in the website and you can refer to this before making the Loanme payments. Offline repayments can be done via bank branches or Cargills Food City outlets.

It is recommended to always repay the loan on time to avoid additional costs and if you are unable to repay the loan on time, please get in touch with a Loanme agent and they will help you.

What are the advantages of Loanme?

Loanme has many advantages when compared to other online loan providers in Sri Lanka.

To list down a few:

  • 100% online
  • Fast & Convenient Service
  • Discounts for repeat customers
  • Excellent Loanme Customer Service
  • No long applications
  • No documentation required (for repeat customers)
  • No verification (for repeat customers)

Loanme Loyalty Programme

If you have settled your loanme repayments on time, then you can enter the Loanme loyalty programme and receive discounts which are specifically made for repeat customers. You can enjoy these benefits on your next loan.

  • Discounts after 2nd loan is repaid
  • No applications
  • No documentation required
  • No verification

To list down the discounts:

  • 5% discount (after the 2nd loan is repaid)
  • 10% discount (after the 3rd loan is repaid)
  • 15% discount (after the 4th loan is repaid)
  • 20% discount (after the 5th loan is repaid)
  • 30% discount (after the 6th loan is repaid)

Is Loanme legit?

Yes, Loanme is a legit online loan provider in Sri Lanka. Loanme is a brand of Fintech Software (Private) Limited a company duly incorporated and registered under the laws of Sri Lanka, with company registration No. PV00224207 granted by the registrar of companies in Colombo. When applying for a loan, it is recommended to read the privacy policy and terms and conditions listed in the website. If you have any questions related to the loan, please ask and clarify the same by contacting an agent before applying for the loan.

Loanme app

The official Loanme app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately we didn’t find the Loanme app in App store or Huawei AppGallery, but do not get disappointed as you can always apply for the loan through the Loanme website. Like most of the other loan apps, Loanme app is also user friendly. So if you’re a repeat customer, it is recommended to download the Loanme app.

Download the Loanme app from the Google Play Store here.

Loanme Customer Service

You can easily get through to Loanme customer service through the Loanme phone number +94117877555 or you can write to Loanme through their email address listed on the website, which is

Loanme reviews

Unlike any other online loan provider, Loanme has very good reviews. Most of the positive reviews are related to the functionality of the Loanme app, reliable and instant service, favorable loan terms and rates and the customer satisfaction. The very few negative reviews are mainly about not getting the loan approved which is subjective as the approval of the loan depends on many external factors.

As always it is recommended to use your own judgment when applying for a loan and always make sure you select the right amount and repayment terms to avoid late settlements.

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This article was updated on 4 november 2022