Robocash Loan: Is it good? Benefits and More!

Robocash Loan: Is it good? Benefits and More!

Robocash: ✅ reviews ✍ benefits 🔥 Up to 60,000 LKR!!!

What is Robocash?

Robocash is an online instant loan provider in Sri Lanka. It offers online short-term loans to citizens of Sri Lanka to help with their short-term financial needs. With Robocash you can get money into your bank account in less than 15 minutes and that’s pretty fast compared to most of the other online loan providers in Sri Lanka.

Just like most of the online loan providers, Robocash also offers its service through both their website and the mobile app. You can instantly and conveniently apply for a loan with Robocash Sri Lanka.

How does Robocash loan work?

Getting a loan with Robocash is instant. You can easily apply for a Robocash loan by logging into the Robocash loan website via or download the Robocash loan app. If you want a more seamless experience, we recommend downloading the Robocash loan app. With Robocash, you can initially apply for a loan up to 25,000 LKR. Once the previous repayment has been settled, Robocash will automatically increase the available loan amount. You can easily view this information through the Robocash app.

Robocash loan application process is seamless and you don’t have to be tech savvy to navigate through. You can apply for a loan anytime of the day, simply download the Robocash app and get your loan in 15 minutes.

How can I apply for a loan with Robocash?

To apply for a Robocash loan, you simply need to complete eight easy steps and once the application is approved, Robocash will send the money to your bank account within a few seconds.

Let’s look at the Robocash loan application steps:

  1. Choose the loan amount on the website.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number, click "Apply".
  3. Receive the verification code via SMS.
  4. Confirm the number and fill in the short questionnaire.
  5. Enter the bank account details.
  6. Upload your photo and the NIC.
  7. Once the loan is approved, sign the loan agreement.
  8. Receive the money to your bank account number.

Make sure you have your NIC and the bank details ready, and you will be done in no time.

How much does Robocash loan?

With Robocash, you can apply for a minimum loan amount of 5000 LKR and up to a maximum loan amount of 60,000 LKR. However if you’re a new customer, then the maximum loan amount will be limited to 25,000 LKR. With the Robocash online loan calculator, you can choose the right loan amount and the duration that suits you the best, now isn’t that convenient?

The interest rate solely depends on the loan amount and the duration you choose, and no additional charges will be applied if you repay the loan on time. The repayment amount, interest rate and duration, all these information is easily accessible through the loan calculator.

Let’s see an example:

  • Loan amount - 5,000 LKR
  • Loan period - 90 days
  • Interest rate per day - 2.18%
  • Total amount payable - 14,810 LKR

Now here’s an amazing offer!

Your first loan with Robocash is interest free. Meaning, you borrow 5,000 LKR and repay 5,000 LKR.

How to pay my Robocash loan?

Robocash offers two different repayment options, online repayment and offline repayment.

Online repayments can be done through an online bank transfer or Pay&Go website, whereas offline repayments can be done via bank branches, Cargills Food City outlets or Pay&Go kiosks. You can choose the most convenient repayment option that suits your needs. Robocash bank details and more information can be found in the Robocash  website,

It is recommended to always repay the loan on time to avoid any penalties or additional costs.

What are the advantages of Robocash?

Robocash has significant advantages when compared to other online loan providers in Sri Lanka.

To list down a few:

  • Fully automated service without human involvement, so no human errors
  • Fast & Convenient Service
  • Low interest rates as it depends on the amount and the duration of the loan
  • No guarantors needed
  • No hidden fees and charges
  • High rate of loan approval

Is Robocash legit?

Yes, Robocash is a legit and authorized online loan provider in Sri Lanka. Robocash loan Sri Lanka is a part of an International company called Robocash Group which operates mainly in Russia, Philippines, Vietnam and Europe. When applying for a loan, it is recommended to thoroughly go through the privacy policy and terms and conditions listed in the website. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and clarify the same through the contact form on the website.

Robocash app

The official Robocash loan app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately Robocash still do not support App store or Huawei AppGallery, but do not get disappointed as you can always apply for the loan through the website no matter which operating system you use,

As any other app, Robocash app is also easy to use and comes with plenty of additional features. So if you’re a frequent user, it is recommended to download the app.

Download the Robocash app from the Google Play Store here.

Robocash Customer Service

You can easily get through to Robocash customer service via multiple channels.

For quick support, call the Robocash contact number 070112208220 or you can write to Robocash  through their email address listed on the website, which is

Robocash reviews

Robocash loan app has quite more than the average number of negative reviews in Google Play Store. Most of them are related to the functionality of the app. So analyzing all these reviews, if you are a first time customer, it is recommended to use the website to apply for the loan instead of the app. However once you’re familiar with the loan application process, then you can easily switch to the app.

We also analyzed the facebook reviews to give you a better understanding of Robocash. Most of the reviews were about getting unwanted sales calls from Robocash, and a few were about the penalties for late repayments. So it is always recommended to settle the repayments on time to avoid these penalties and extra costs as it is usually a high amount compared to the loan.

Since there weren't many reviews about the loan application process or the other useful information, it is recommended to use your own judgment when applying for a loan as the whole process can be pretty subjective.

Have you used the Robocash loan app? Share your experience here.

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